Thursday, September 01, 2005

Pigs Departing Out of Left Field

Colts Actually Sign a High Profile Free Agent
Has hell frozen over? Is Eric Dickerson returning from retirement with his man purse? No, the Indianapolis Colts actually signed a top notch free agent. Did I mention that the Colts actually signed a player from the non-offensive side of the ball? Did I additionally mention that the Colts actually filled a glaring need with this signing? Well, all of the above are true.

The Colts have agreed in principle to terms with recently released Eagles defensive tackle Corey Simon. This is an enormous get for the Colts and will greatly bolster a suspect defense. The addition of Simon makes an already formidable defensive line that features All-Pro defensive end Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis. Simon provides the run stoppage that the Colts have so desperately needed. Now, Simon's presence will prevent Rob Morris (aka the Stormin' Mormon) from having the opportunity to miss as many tackles.

This Colts fan is pumped!

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Terry Hoeppner Era

Hoosiers vs. The Chippewas of Central Michigan
Friday night, at 4:30pm PST, the Indiana University football Hoosiers will kickoff their first game of the Terry Hoeppner era. I'm not expecting great things this season, but I think the program is on the right track. Hoeppner is a proven winner, a Hoosier, and brings a ton of excitement to the program.

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The Hoosiers will start with sophomore Blake Powers under center. Powers has very little experience, and his only outing against Illinois last season was ugly at best. Still, it has long been reported that Powers has a ton of raw talent, and many believe that Powers should have seen more time last season after outplaying Matt Lovecchio in the spring game.

The Hoosiers have some great depth in the backfield with Chris Taylor, Yamar Washington, Kenni Burns, and freshman Demetrius McRay. The offensive line is very solid, but the unit has very little experience together due to injuries last season. Wide receiver may be the Hoosiers' greatest weakness. While their is a tremendous amount of talent there, there is no experiece.

The defense, while not that great for Big Ten standards, has a tremendous amount of talent. Kyle Killion is a first time all Big Ten outside lineback, thanks to John Pannozzo's move from full back to middle linebacker. Victo Adeyanju is the anchor of the defensive line, and Tracy Porter may just be the stalwart of the secondary.

Game Prediction
Hoosier 24, Chippewas 14

Season Prediction - (4-7)
@ Central Miching - W
Nicholls State - W
Kentucky - W
@ Wisconsin - L
Illinois(Homecoming) - W
@ Iowa - L
Ohio State - L
@ Michigan State - L
Minnesota - L
@ Michigan - L
Purdue - L

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Indy Cars Turn Left & Right!

Apologies For Not Covering the IRL Earlier
So this has been a fairly exciting season for the IRL, and it may be the last under this current incarnation...considering engine manufacturers are a considerable question mark.

In any event, the IndyCars took their travelling show to Sears Point (er...Infineon) this weekend. It was a race that saw some excellent cars belonging to Ryan Briscoe and Helio Castroneves. For the first few laps, it certainly looked like those two would out pace the field.

Enter Ed Carpenter. Carpenter's boneheaded spin brought out the first yellow and allowed some back markers to stay out of the pits, thus clogging traffic. As rookies with ridiculously fast cars probably will do, Ryan Briscoe got a little too frustrated with a much slower Danica Patrick and managed to take himself, Danica, and Helio out.

From there, Czech road racing hero, Thomas Enge, was the class of the field. Unfortunately, he had a Carpenter moment and spun while in the lead. It really didn't end up mattering, as a slow car in the hands of the crafty defending champion, Tony Kanaan, won the race on a good fuel strategy.

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The big disapointment had to be Tomas Scheckter. I expected big things from the speedy Scheckter in the Panther car, but he was never really competitive. On the other hand, it was great to see Buddy Rice on the podium again. He had been having a rough year until Sears. Additionally, the Cheever boys ran a great race by finishing 3rd and 4th.

All in all, it was a great race. I love watching the IRL run on road circuits. Although some of the drivers have no business being out there, the television coverage is so far superior to that of Champ Car or F1. Additionally, it's so much easier to follow the IRL drivers.

Hope you like the new look

Obviously it's generic, but I was getting tired of the old one.

Who's Left

Lost in the Rush/Dinc Craziness
With the departures of Dusty May, Dane Fife, Eric Jackson, and Thad Fitzpatrick; Mike Davis' assistant carrousel is revolving at full pace. Before this passed week, Mikey's only assistants were Kerry Rupp and Donnie Marsh.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comEnter Mr. Louis Twigg. I think it's great that Twigg has some experience under John Chaney. I wish Mr. Twigg nothing but the best, but this last minute addition can't pay immediate dividends. It will certainly take Mr. Twigg a while to learn Mikey's 80 plays. I kid. We all know Orlando 1 is the only play the team runs. Still, the constant assistant turnover is very disconcerting.

Stayed Tuned
Be prepared for another player preview, along with a Big Ten preview.

Turkey on rye?

This may be too much
For those of you out of the know, IU has landed Turkish big man Cem Dinc. Dinc was supposed to attend a fifth year at the Brewster Academy, but got an offer from Mikey Davis. Dinc was also considering visiting UNC, but apparently Iron Mikey promised the 6'10" Dinc that he could play shooting guard or small forward.

Just in case you missed it, Brandon Rush is going to Kansas. Cem Dinc is quoted in this article as being the reason why Indiana backed off Rush. Methinks Miky knew that Rush wasn't heading to Kansas and was reaching for a straw. Either way, the Brewster Academy coach seems more than steamed over IU's pilfering of Dinc, which is very apparent in all of his newspaper quotes.

Final Thought
I think we need to refer to the new freshman front line as Gallipoli. It will be interesting to see the Aussie Ben Allen go up against the Turk Cem Dinc. Personally, I'll be rooting for the Australian!

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Just a Passenger

Looking like Rush will be a Hoosier
The oft-maligned Terry Hutchens finally wrote this article on the Rush visit, after being scooped by two papers in Kansas for a Bloomington story. It really is amazing how miserable Terry Hutchens actually is.

In any event, this isn't exactly news to anyone. Rumors have persisted that Indiana was Rush's leader, due to Mikey's ability to run an offense that only features one player. One could imagine that Mr. Rush is assuming to get the bulk of Bracey Wright's shots....just tell that to D.J. White and Marco Killingsworth.

Don't know how to feel about this? Neither do I. It's great to get a player of that talent level, but this is insane. This haphazard and last ditch effort recruiting is going to bite IU in the ass more and more. I am still really wondering about Vaden's academic eligibilty. If Davis brings Rush in with Vaden remaining eligible, AJ Ratliff may bail. It's well-known the coach and pupil do not see eye-to-eye.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Am I Crazy?

With the exception of the Mike Davis apologists, Hoosier fans don't want Rush. Then why do the Illini want him?
I am a regular reader of other Big Ten fan forums, and I usually have admiration for all true Big Ten fans (with the exception of Northwestern fans). My question is why do so many Illini fans want a troubled recruit such as Brandon Rush?

Check out the pinned Brandon Rush thread on The bulk of the Illini posters actually want Rush. I only hope that the Illiniboard free forum is much the like the free board on Peegs - full of crazies and funny as hell.

Still, are schools with modicums of success that desperate for a player of Rush's caliber that they would sink to this? Illinois certainly is a good basketball school, but they cannot be considered in the pantheon of great basketball schools by a long shot. In fact, I would have difficulty putting them in the top 4 of Big Ten teams historically. Maybe, Illini fans realize that recruiting is Bruce Weber's greatest weakness, and they will not have another chance to land such a heralded recruit.

Hold your freaking horses!!!!
Yes, Darrell Arthur, the top 15 '06 prospect, did list Indiana as one of his five favorites. Let's not start tooting our horns about what a great recruiter Mike Davis is. He still deserves to be flogged for whiffing on all the Indiana high school recruits in '05 and '06. Additionally, Arthur will visit Indiana, but is a major long shot to leave the Big 12 region. With Texas, Kansas, and Baylor all in his top 5, it's hard to imagine a kid, who has expressed his desire to remain close to his family, would end up a Hoosier. There is no second or fifth place in recruiting.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Quick Though

Why would Rush select IU?
It's clear that Brandon Rush is only looking for a major school where he will receive considerable minutes and national tv exposure for draft consideration. Obviously Indiana, Illinois, and Kansas all fit the profile. Indiana and Kansas are two of the most storied programs of all time. To most, it would appear that Indiana cannot offer the starting small forward position, so they would be eliminated.......................hmmmmmm

Well, there have been a few rumors that Robert Vaden is in summer school right now fighting for his academic eligibility. This is so, so disappointing to me, as Vaden is such a pleasure to watch. If Mikey knows that Vaden will not be eligible, it would explain the sudden fullcourt press on Rush. I really, really hope that Vaden ends up eligible and Rush ends up at another school.

I would like to note that over a year ago, Rush did list Arkansas, Louisville, and Indiana as his leaders. All backed off when Rush seemed like he would go in the draft. There were a few other rumors stating Davis remained in contact with Rush over the period.

Anyway, I can only imagine what kind of promises are being made to Rush to get him on IU's campus....

Long Time

It's Been Ages
I apologize for not posting in ages. I was nearly crushed by the school's retention of Mike Davis. Here is a very quick rundown of the summer happenings and a quick recruiting tidbit to start things off.

Brandon Rush is at IU now
Academic question mark and uber-talented class of '05 small forward is secretly on IU's campus today for an official visit. He cancelled his trip to Kansas, so it may be down to IU and Illinois. If Rush ends up a Hoosier, look for Marshall Strickland to end his IU career in obscurity or as a backup point guard to Auburn transfer Lewis Monroe.

Rush would add a heap load of talent to a decent team, but there is already considerable depth at the wing for the Hoosiers. Is James Hardy abandoning basketball for football? Does Mikey already know this?

Still, it's hard to pass on a player of Rush's caliber.

Everyone Leaves
Indiana is the epi-center of basketball, and it rightfully produces some of the nations best talent. Unfortunately, none of these talented Hoosiers are heading down to Bloomington. No matter how they dreamed of donning the Cream and Crimson, they are smart enough not to swim to closely to a sinking ship. Please notice Greg Oden, Luke Harangody, Mike Conley, Marques Johnson, and Jamil Tucker (very likely) for the class of '06. I promise an in-depth post on this issue.

Everyone Leave II
Mikey has lost another assistant. Just this week, the school announced that Thad Fitzpatrick was leaving his position as assistant basketball coach at IU to become a vice principal of a high school. Obviously Thad was only there to assist DJ White with his transition to college hoops, but this assistant coaching carousel is the only consistent part of the program. Hopefully, Mikey will hire another assistant with no ties to the state, so we continue to whiff on homegrown talent. Dusty May - Gone. Dane Fife - Gone. Eric Jackson - Gone. Thad Fitzpatrick - Gone. Kerry Rupp and Donnie Marsh are the only assistants left.

Everyone Leaves IIai
There are rumors that Kerry Rupp has not been on campus for quite a while. The situation will be monitored closely.

Saturday, March 19, 2005


Friday Didn't Happen
We'll see exactly when this big news comes out. This morning, the let us know that Mike is already looking around. Mark my words, Mike Davis will not be head coach at Indiana next year.

I realize that there are a few people that think Mike should be given another year, but why should Indiana continue to put up with mediocrity?
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